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Welcome to the Banners and Badges website.

We sell a wide range of automotive themed products; we also custom make products for individuals and car clubs.

  • Our banners are all good quality; however they are not designed to withstand the outside elements on a permanent basis, they are intended to be displayed under cover in a garage, workshop or office
  • Banners are priced at $30 – $35 Those priced at $35 are based on the artwork of three Australian Automotive Artists (David Hourigan, Grant Booth and Keith Pulver) to whom we pay a royalty for the use of their artwork.
  • All orders are sent via Australia Post if you are ordering more than one product send us an email and we’ll calculate a combined postage.
  • Most orders will be processed within 24 hours of your order being received
  • If we can’t process it quickly we’ll let you know by either email or telephone

Alan Taylor
Banners & Badges